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May 30, 2016

My Daughter’s Diagnosis Evolves

by healthybydesignblog

PCOS and Borderline Personality Disorder

My daughter is now 14 years old, and I’m still figuring things out at every level. Back when she was 5, I noticed some unusual things going on with her, that should not be manifesting until she was more like 12 and going through puberty. She had pretty bad under arm odor for one, and really stinky feet. She was starting to get black heads on her nose. She had pubic hair. OMG. She had also gained a lot of weight.

My daughter was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Women are usually diagnosed with this condition in their 20’s, when they’re having trouble getting pregnant. It was highly unusual to be diagnosed so early. Later came more intense acne, extra hair growth, dark pigments in the folds of her skin. One of the main things we had to address quickly was her weight. She was considered pre-diabetic and I was told that her weight and the possible diabetes would only aggravate her other symptoms, and could possibly shorten her life.

At that time, I was overweight myself. Two years prior, my family had lost our home to a house fire. I had remodeled that home with my grandfather, who had died recently. It was the family “home place”. A little more than a year after that, I divorced my husband who was emotionally abusive and emotionally absent. The marriage had really taken it’s toll on me, and although I had already overcome some health issues through a merciful miraculous healing of fibromyalgia, I had turned to food as a comfort and probably weighed around 250 lbs. I cannot be sure because the scale had been destroyed in the house fire and I never wanted to own another one.

I have said millions of times, had the diagnosis been my own, I would not have had the strength to battle it. Because the diagnosis was my daughter’s, I rose up with every ounce of strength I could muster to try to change her future. I read everything I could to learn more about the condition, how to eat healthier, etc. Of course, at that time, that meant using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar! I didn’t now any better, and there is SO MUCH misinformation out there!

There were other family diagnoses as well. My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons and my sister with breast cancer. I began reading about these conditions as well. I had lost my grandfather to lung cancer and the treatment of it, back in 1996. I was not a fan of traditional treatment, as the medical profession royally screwed up in my grandfather’s case, but that’s a subject for another post. So I was reading about holistic and nutritional approaches to these conditions. I kept coming across nutrition as the key for not only preventing so much of the sickness and disease we see today, but also in the reversal of much of it as well.

In 2011, I found the Shaklee nutrition company and made HUGE improvements in my own health with their supplements, and hopefully helped manage my daughter’s condition, and kept it from progressing as quickly. But as she entered 7th grade, I saw an escalation in her emotional outbursts, and eventually learned that she was experimenting with cutting and self-harm. I was absolutely devastated. During that year, she seemed to absolutely despise me. I could not do anything right, and she challenged me at every turn. She was suicidal. A lot was going on at school, too. I had homeschooled her until 5th grade, but as a single mom, I could no longer keep up the pace, as I was also self-employed and worked long hours. So in 6th grade, she was abruptly introduced to the “real world” of public school and it was not pretty. She was teased, mocked, scorned, and re-educated about how things really were, according to her peers. Sigh….

You know how you hear about the “terrible two’s”? Well, around the age of two, Rachel’s personality went from happy to horrid. It was such a drastic change, but I kept hearing about the terrible two’s and hoped I’d get my kid back. I’d see glimpses of her from time to time, but there was much about her behavior that I was pretty sure wasn’t normal. I blamed myself. Maybe it was the divorce, maybe it was because I was a single mom, maybe it was because I worked too many hours – on and on. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point, Jesus gave me peace about whatever my mistakes may have been. He would see her through it. If I was so busy being discouraged by the enemy pointing at my downfalls, my focus would not be on how to help her, and I desperately want to help her.

I could never quite follow my daughter’s reasoning about things. I was often surprised by her reactions and her perceptions of events. She did not make friends easily, and did not keep friends for very long. She always felt like an outsider, but she was constantly insulting and “putting people off”. She was hard to take, especially for kids her own age. She was, in some ways, more mature than the kids her age, and often got along better with older kids and usually got along very well with her teachers, etc.

One of the things I noticed was especially as her weight got more out of control, and the acne made her skin look so bad, that her perception of herself was SO NEGATIVE. One of the boys in school said she was “fugly” or something like that. The teasing from kids at school certainly didn’t help, but she brought so much on herself, to be truthful. It was and is heart-breaking to watch. Kids at church try to reach out to her but she loathes them in secret. Their happiness or their cuteness is a threat to her somehow. She calls them sluts and she means it.

So the last couple of years have been tough. Recently, the emotional drama in my home escalated yet again, as I re-married. I had separated from my first husband when Rachel was about 3. She doesn’t even remember us living in the same house with him. She never really saw us “together”. She saw the two of us together, period. My new husband is WONDERFUL and has been great to her, but she despises him. She acts as if they are in competition for my attention and affection. She constantly tries to sabotage the relationship. I know some of this is normal, but because she may ever stumble across this post, or family members might read it while we’re still figuring all this out, I won’t go into just how far out some of this drama escalated to. But it got crazy. I sought help from my pastors AGAIN, as they are trained psychologists also.

I have been saying for years that there was more going on here than meets the eye. A friend told me that some of the things I was going through with my daughter sounded very familiar to the struggle she had with her own daughter. She told me to google Borderline Personality Disorder. That was several years ago, and although I thought there was some merit into looking at it further, my pastors discouraged me from labeling my daughter with any form of mental illness, and for a time I followed their advice. Here lately however, the behavior has gotten worse, her self-perception has plummeted further, the emotional outbursts and down right meanness has gotten incredibly difficult to deal with. I know this sounds like typical teenage behavior on some level, but please, take my word for it and multiply it by 50 or something, and that’s what we have here.

So, I called that friend of mine again a week or so ago, and began asking questions about the personality disorder thing. I became more and more convinced that we were either dealing with this very issue, or something very similar. I began researching online, and just this morning I googled “correlation between PCOS and Borderline Personality Disorder” and OMG! About 30% of the people with the personality disorder also have PCOS. That’s a huge number! So, I am getting in touch with my daughter’s endocrinologist about what I have found, her holistic neurologist who’s been helping us detox her system, our pastors, people I know in the field of nutrition who may be able to advise us, etc and etc.

I finally feel like we’re getting somewhere. There were helpful suggestions about how there were some things that not only helped her PCOS but the BPD as well. It makes sense that if you can help the hormonal imbalance of the PCOS, it will alleviate some of the most problematic issues of the BPD. But it has to be managed, and at some point, my daughter has to do more to manage it herself. Herein lies the problem. Stress causes relapses. Relapses into the worst of this disorder can be as simple as ridiculous shopping sprees, or it can be cutting and suicide attempts. In fact, about 8-10% of people with this disorder DIE from suicide!!!! They have trouble sustaining meaningful relationships, trouble keeping jobs, trouble staying in school, trouble with the ins and outs of LIFE.

I am going to have my daughter evaluated asap. As I said, I am still figuring this out. I would love to be proved wrong. I would be so grateful for a mental health professional to tell me it was just a severe case of puberty and she would grow out of it, just hang on a few more years. And I know that EVERY condition and EVERY disease was carried to the cross by Jesus. So until my girl can battle this herself in the Spirit, I am going to try to help her battle this in the flesh while I continue to speak and pray healing and wholeness for her.

I believe I have a better grasp of what we’re truly dealing with now, and have a few ideas on how to help her. I sincerely hope this post doesn’t make things worse, but I just had to get these thoughts down. I felt led to put this out there.  There is SO MUCH MORE I could say, but again, now is not the appropriate time. If you’re struggling with either of these conditions, I’d love to hear from you. If you have any insight on any of this, I’d love to hear from you as well.

To be continued…


May 8, 2015

Wanna Be Home With Your Kids AND Save The World?

by healthybydesignblog

I’m a single mom. I certainly didn’t expect to be. It’s hard sometimes, a lot of the time really. I’m still figuring things out, but about two years ago I made a huge leap of faith in regards to my career. I shut down my small home-based advertising agency and web-design company to literally save the world, or as many people as I could anyway. As many as who would listen.

I need to provide a little background. My daughter is now 13, but at age 5 she was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). The most urgent aspect of this was her blood sugar, she was pre-diabetic. Picture this, at that time I was about 250 lbs, addicted to Mt. Dew, stubborn as heck, and my body was racked with both Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had just gone through a house fire and a traumatic marriage which ended in divorce. I had little hope, few resources, and was just surviving emotionally from one day to the next. I hope you have never been there, or somewhere similar, but perhaps you have.

Shortly thereafter, more bad news. My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons, my mother with a blood disorder, and my younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41. I’m not one to always follow the rules in the first place, and after seeing my grandfather suffer through traditional cancer treatment, I was actively reading, researching and asking questions about NATURAL ways to help the people I loved. I learned that NUTRITION could not only PREVENT much of what my family was going through, but could possibly stop the progression of some of their symptoms, and even possibly REVERSE some of it. I was so excited!!!!

This is really where the Lord stepped in. As a single mom, I was working terribly long hours with my advertising biz, and was always feeling guilty for not having more time to spend with my daughter, even though we were homeshooling. It was fun when I started, but then the housing market crashed, it really impacted my business, and mommy wasn’t so much fun anymore. She was wiggin’ out! SO, I was considering a part-time job or in-home biz to add to my already crazy schedule. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see myself as a salesperson. I hated even selling Girl Scout cookies as a kid. The idea of running up and down the road begging friends to buy stuff they may not even need in the first place just didn’t appeal to me. However, my cousin Teresa had told me about Shaklee vitamins when I was in my 20’s, and I never paid her any mind. After all, I wasn’t gonna ever get old or sick, right? Fast forward into my 40’s, I’m getting old and I’m definitely sick, and so is everyone I care about. For the first time, I was ready to listen about nutrition and this Shaklee company she told me about.

Turns out, the founder, Dr. Forrest Shaklee, invented the very first multi-vitamin and he was a pretty incredible guy. Turns out, they have a zero tolerance for contamination in their products with higher standards than the FDA, AND they were environmentally proactive before being “green” was cool. I have heard all kinds of testimonies from regular folks just like you and me. One day everything in life was okay, the next day, either they – or someone they loved – got a scary diagnosis and their universe was rocked. Their lives or the lives of someone they loved was spared or improved by this company and their science. This is something I am excited about and can’t help but share with friends and neighbors, and you. This company loves fostering healthy happy homes, where moms can raise their own kids and make a salary replacement income while working part-time from home.

SO, if you are one of those, who like me, want to save the world, even if sometimes it doesn’t want to be saved, AND you’d really like to be home more with your kids, I suggest you consider Shaklee. I am more in love with the MISSION of this company than when I started four years ago. AND, I have lost 60 lbs, no longer need ANY pain meds for my arthritis – in fact, I don’t even consider myself to have it any longer! I am still trying to help my family, and my neighbors, and my friends, and again, anyone who will listen. I have awesome stories to share that are forthcoming. I hope you will be as inspired as I have been!

June 29, 2012

Would You Knowingly Give Your Little Princess Lead?

by healthybydesignblog

If you give your kids a multi-vitamin, chances are it has lead in it. And maybe worse!

Fact is, even PRENATAL vitamins contain lead as well. The FDA did a study on lead in children’s and prenatal vitamins, and every single product they tested had lead in it. Now lead directly affects your IQ, so how much would you consider to be a safe level for your children? And lead is not the only substance you have to worry about either. Many supplements may also contain mercury, arsenic and even PCBs. The FDA sets safety standards, but because it does not regulate vitamin / food supplements, these companies are not really being held accountable. In fact, you could pull the same product off of various store shelves, and one might be within the FDA limitations for safe amounts of lead, while others have been found to be as much as 15X the recommended limit.

But really, if you had a choice, wouldn’t you rather there be no lead at all in your kid’s multi-vitamin?

That is another reason I give my daughter (pictured here) Shaklee vitamins. I trust them. Shaklee’s standards are higher than the FDA’s. Their foundation principle is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Awesome, right? As with all their nutritional products, Shaklee tests the raw materials coming in for over 350 known contaminants. To my knowledge, NO OTHER COMPANY DOES THIS. Then before the final product goes out to consumers, they test it again, to make sure that the products were not contaminated in any way during the maufacturing process. Again, to my knowledge, NO OTHER COMPANY DOES THIS.

Why is this important?

Much of the raw materials to make vitamins come from countries like China, and they have very different laws about these things. In fact, in the height of Ginseng popularity a few years back, China had a very wet growing season. In order to control mold and mildew on the ginseng, they sprayed it with a fungicide that is outlawed in the US. Shaklee discovered the carcinogen during routine testing. So batch after batch, Shaklee turned every load of gingseng away for TWO YEARS! The same batches that Shaklee turned away, were sold to other companies who had no issues with selling products laden with carcinogens. Again, in the height of ginseng’s popularity, Shaklee did not have a ginseng product on the market at all. They chose integrity over profit. That’s why I love ’em!

But we were specifically speaking about lead, so here’s another example.

During the production of a particular supplement, the raw materials had been tested and everything was clean. When testing the final product before releasing it to be sold to the public, they found lead. Shaklee got down to business to track down how lead had gotten into the product. They went to the company who they had sub-contracted to take the raw materials from it’s “straight from the field” state, to a laboratory ready state, and meticulously went through every inch of the process, looked at their machinery, etc. What they found was that on one particular machine, the raw materials were literally being pummeled by these heavy round balls. As it turned out, the balls were made of lead, and it was contaminating otherwise pure raw materials. Shaklee had them replace those lead balls and production resumed. However, once again, none of the other companies who use the same facility would have gone through the trouble to test for lead, much less have gone through the expense to find out where the contamination had originated.

I hope you can better understand now why I’m such a fan of Shaklee, and so loyal to both their products and to the company itself. I trust their integrity.


If you’d like to find out more about Shaklee’s children’s multi-vitamin, called Incredivites, see

To remove lead from drinking water, learn more about Shaklee’s Get Clean Water Pitcher. It’s the only one certified that it removes lead from water. Brita and PUR are not.

June 27, 2012

Athlete’s Vitamins Caused Her To Be Banned From Olympics

by healthybydesignblog

Olympic Athletes, as you know, do not take cheap supplements. So if she was at risk, how about you? Can you trust the company that manufactures yours?

Jessica Hardy is an American Olympic Swimmer, holding the world record in the 50m and 100m breaststroke. After joinging thd US Olympic Swim Team in 2008, she was not allowed to compete in the Olympics when an illegal substance was found in her system. A third party lab confirmed that the illegal substance “clenbuterol” was found in her vitamin supplements. She got her reputation back, but she missed the Olympics that year.

More Olympic Athletes
Trust Shaklee Quality

Athletes like Gary Hall, have a much different story to tell. A Type 1 diabetic, he had been told due to his health limitations, he would never be able to compete in the Olympics. BUT, he won a Gold in the 2004 Summer Olympics for the 50 meter freestyle. Gary was also 29 years old at the time, competing against much younger athletes.

Eli Bremer
is amazing. He fences, swims, rides horses, runs, and shoots. It’s hard to believe that this top-ranking pentathlete went from being an overweight kid with limited athletic ability to competing among the world’s best in the Beijing Games in 2008. For him, it’s about setting goals and having something to work toward.

Kent Bostick took up cycling in his mid 20s. More than 30 years later, he’s still pedaling strong. He placed first in the 2009 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championship, is a world-record holder, and received the 2009 Best All-Around Rider Award for the 55–59 age group. What’s it like to beat someone who’s almost half your age? “All right,” he says modestly. But for this 56-year-old, the focus isn’t so much about winning. “It’s about staying healthy and having a good workout,” he says. “Shaklee products help me achieve both.* Time Magazine includes Kent in an interesting article called  “More Than Athletes”.

To learn more about other Shaklee Athletes and Olympians, see

To learn more about Shaklee vitamins, please visit my website: