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June 27, 2018

So, I Lost Some Weight, Part 2: REAL NUTRITION

by healthybydesignblog

2.5 monthsThis set of pictures showed what happened during a period of about 2.5 months from August – November 2011. I was way too busy to go to the gym, but lost 60 lbs. I was introduced to Shaklee’s products and the company in the first picture on the left. I won’t promise you you can have this type of transformation just as quickly, but this is my story. I do believe you can achieve the same results, and I hope the outcome is more important than the time line. Transforming your life, and changing your habits takes time. And honestly, had it not been for my daughter’s diagnosis at age 5 of PCOS, I don’t know that I would have been motivated to make any changes for myself. I was healed and transformed by default, so to speak, in the process of trying to improve things for my only child, Rachel.


So the black and white pics were taken in 2011, when I was 44 years old. This one was taken in 2018 when I am 51 years old. (Yes, am in desperate need of a haircut! Have an appointment on Saturday!)

One of the things I hope you notice is how much INFLAMMATION is in my face in the first pic above. My eyes were swollen almost shut! In the second pic above, you can see the weight loss has started, but the biggest change in my face is that there is no longer so much inflammation! Now imagine what I would have looked like at 51 if I hadn’t learned a few things, and changed my diet… if those bad eating habits had continued unchecked. More than likely, not only would I be much heavier, the Rheumatoid Arthritis that I reversed would have ADVANCED instead, perhaps crippling me. Also, more than likely, I would have been diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic by now, which would put me at higher risk for everything from cancer to heart disease.

If you want a quick fix, I’m not your gal. Although I had a very quick transformation myself. If you want a pill or a potion to do all the work for you, I’m not your gal. BUT, if you are ready to make some real, long term changes, and are ready to INVEST some time, energy and even finances into your health, your weight, your appearance and the potential LENGTH OF YOUR LIFE, then hey, I’m your gal! At least I’ll tell you what helped me.

What Helped Me: REAL FOOD & Shaklee

Chicken patties or chicken nuggets are not real food! They have more chemicals in them than chicken parts. Fast food french fries are not even real food, if they were, there wouldn’t be anywhere from 14-17 CHEMICALS in them, just to make them taste so good! You can have french fries, but get some real potatoes and slice them and fry them yourself! Then all you’ve got is potatoes, grease and salt to worry about. I’m sure you already know, however, that if you’re trying to lose weight, you need to avoid or limit a lot of white stuff:

BREAD (includes pizza crust, biscuits, & breading, etc.)
SUGAR (includes soda***, even fruit juices, etc.)

***Everytime you drink a soda with a meal, you’ve just consumed enough carbohydrates for TWO MEALS. You have DOUBLED your carbohydrate intake just by drinking ONE SODA. (Each meal should consist of 35-45 carbs, and each snack should be around 15 carbs.)

Most of the chronic diseases our culture is grappling with today is all about chemicals, sugar and carbohydrates in general. We are not getting enough WATER!!!! Not getting enough real quality protein (free of chemicals such as antibiotics and growth hormones), not enough REAL vegetables, and not enough REAL fruit. Although they get way too much fruit roll ups and sugar loaded fruit juice!

IN FACT, this is a generational problem! Kids in the US today are expected to live 17 years shorter lifespans than their parents, because all they are being fed is JUNK!!! Type 2 Diabetes is a big part of that shorter life span. Do you remember when Type 2 Diabetes was called “Adult Onset Diabetes”? Not anymore. Children are being diagnosed with Type 2 under the age of 12 all the time now. It’s not Type 1, which is something a kid is born with, having too little insulin and therefore needing injections of insulin. It’s Type 2, where they have CONSUMED SO MANY CARBOHYDRATES, their bodies are exhausted from producing too much insulin, and NOW they may need pills or injections. This is CRAZY! This should be a topic of concern for everybody, but I bet you never heard that before reading this article. These statistics come straight from the CDC, the Center for Disease Control.

I know, I know! All you wanna know is how I lost the weight and kept it off, right?

But can you at least understand why I am so passionate about getting this information out? This is just about poor nutrition shortening your life, it’s shortening your kids and your grandkids’ lives as well. It’s affecting the DNA that’s being handing down through the generations!!

• My rule #1 of weight loss is to DRINK WATER!!
And let me be clear  – if you are not motivated enough to learn how to drink water, stop reading, because it’s a lost cause. I used to be the chick that got thoroughly pissed if I was in a restaurant in the SOUTH, and all they had to drink was unsweetened tea, so I feel your pain here. I used to think only poor people drank water and Mt. Dew was what I drank morning, noon and night. I feel ya! But when my daughter got her diagnosis of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), we were trying to keep her pre-diabetes from turning into full blown Type 2 diabetes. I could not sit in front of a 5 year old, and drink Pepsi while telling her to drink water. AND, although we started out drinking diet drinks initially, I soon learned they were SO BAD for you, that we just drank water. For instance, many drinks today are sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame (sometimes called NutraSweet) or sucralose (Splenda). Did you know Splenda was originally created to be a bug poison? However, the manufacturers realized a lot more money could be made as an artificial sweetener and the good ol’ FDA agreed and let them put it in our food supply. Aspartame / NutraSweet was also never supposed to be allowed into our food supply, but someone in the FDA who had financial gains to make, made it happen. I need to write another article JUST on the dangers of artificial sweeteners, but I’m sure if you google this topic, there is more than enough out there already.

• My rule #2 of weight loss is eat REAL FOOD. If you don’t know how to shop, prepare and eat REAL FOOD, there are no short cuts. Learn! You can google healthy recipes all day long. If you have to eat fast food everyday, and are not willing to invest in this part of your health, again, I’m not your gal. Nothing else I say will help you.

My Rule #3 of weight loss is my “Healthy Fast Food” Go To, Shaklee:
NASA uses Shaklee. And NASA Astronauts use Shaklee personally. NASA used specifically a rehydration drink we created for astronauts re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. We made it for them and GAVE IT TO THEM, after they came to Shaklee and asked us to create it for them. (Makes me proud. Good citizens, you know?) Olympic athletes also use our shakes, and not because we pay them to promote our products! Many other Olympic athletes are paid to promote a company’s products, so how can you trust their testimony about that?

If you need “healthy fast food” you can also get “real nutrition” in our protein shakes. Not all protein shakes are made safe and healthy. In fact, many are full of heavy metals such as lead, and can harm your health! So what good does it do to get skinny, if you’re poisoning yourself in the process??

This makes Rule #2 a lot easier, because you can do a meal bar or a shake for breakfast and lunch, and then all you have to do is worry about preparing supper. You can actually substitute a bar or a shake for any two meals of the day, whatever works best for you. Regardless, you only have to shop for and prepare yourself one healthy meal a day.

AND because our standards for purity are 4X that of the FDA’s standards, it’s the cleanest, purest nutrition you can put in your body. Shaklee scientists can prove that. But my guess is, many of you really don’t care, as I do about the science and the purity, you just wanna lose the weight. But I will provide a few links about it anyway, because it it doesn’t matter to you now, it will one day in your future. Keep in mind that “diet” products, vitamins, and even soda are not regulated by the FDA, so it’s like a manufacturing wild west nightmare. The FDA only steps in when enough people get hurt or even die.

Now scroll up to the top of this article, and take a look at my pics again. Is this something you want to try?

If so, I will be glad to help you. Wanna read more about it first? Here is a link to my website, I started with the Turnaround Kit, and that’s where I would recommend you start as well. You can also do “buffet style” and pick and choose whatever combination of products you’d like. However, this kit was put together incredible attention to detail and with incredible science behind it, so I’d still recommend you start there.

And here is an article dedicated to other people I shared Shaklee 180 with, and their weight loss testimonies too.


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June 14, 2018

So, I Lost Some Weight, Part 1

by healthybydesignblog

180 pics TammyFirst of all, there is more to losing weight than exercise and counting calories! There are three major components to healthy and effective weight loss, in my opinion and in my own personal experience:

  1. Learning about REAL nutrition, not just counting calories,
    and putting REAL nutrition IN your diet
  2. Learning about FAKE food, and keeping as much
    FAKE food OUT of your diet as possible
  3. Stress, Emotional Triggers, and Dealing With Trauma

I talk about this a lot. Sometimes I think I’ve told this story too much, only to find out that others are still struggling so much, and still could benefit from it. So I decided doing this post was a good way to try to organize my story here. Please note in the pictures above, that the first row is a transformation that occurred in only 2.5 months! And, this transformation did NOT include regular visits to the gym! It was entirely about changing my diet (keeping junk OUT) and properly supplementing my diet (putting more good, pure nutrition IN).

My Weight Loss Actually Started With My Daughter’s Diagnosis

The pictures above only tell half the story. It all started with my daughter being diagnosed with PCOS. That’s the subject of another blog post, which I’ll write soon… But the short version is that in my efforts to help HER get healthier and lose weight, I ended up getting healthier and losing weight, too! I also reversed Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been pain free since 2011. It’s June of 2018 right now. That’s PAIN FREE FOR SEVEN YEARS so far. Not only that, I got rid of “brain fog” and was sharper than I had been since college. AND, I kept looking younger! Bonus!!! You can see for yourself in the pictures below. I think I actually look younger in 2018 than I did in 2011. I certainly look BETTER and healthier.

I also think it is important to point out, what I wasn’t willing to do for MYSELF, which was changing my eating habits and getting healthier I WAS WILLING TO DO FOR MY CHILD. Isn’t that typical? I was not motivated to take care of myself at all at that time. I had been through some tough stuff. Again, a topic for another blog article at another time. However, at the time that the Aug 2011 pic was taken, I had been through a house fire and a miserable, toxic 11-year marriage that ended in divorce. I was self-employed, working 80+ hrs a week, and was homeschooling my little girl. Simply put, taking care of myself came dead last on my priority list. I was in survival mode, pure and simple. You ever been there?

Love fueled the changes in my diet. Not love for myself, love for my daughter. Then I got to feeling SO MUCH BETTER, and looking so much better, that I decided I had to keep this new lifestyle up, just to be able to keep up with life!

However, as you can see in 2016-2017, I gained a lot of weight back, due to heart break. Although I was newly married in February of 2016 and very happy initially, my father was declining rapidly with Parkinson’s and I lost him in August of 2016. My marriage also started to unravel around that time. Also, my only daughter decided in July of that year, that she’d rather live with her father than with me and my new husband. Ugh!!! I was not just sad, I was DEVASTATED. I was also stressed, exhausted, depressed, broken-hearted, disappointed, grieving, etc and etc. You name it, I was feeling it. I talk about trauma and heart break and what that has to do with weight more here. Perhaps you can relate. I don’t think people understand how important this is to a healthy weight and a healthy mental state. I honestly believe that all the knowledge of healthy eating and other good habits can be undone, in an INSTANT, either by a new trauma, or by an event, or a trigger in your current situation that triggers an old heart break.

So, that being said, I leave it to you to do some investigating about how to heal past trauma. If you google that topic, I suspect you will find tons of information on that. Both in Christian and secular circles, they are all saying the same thing. Heal the trauma, heal your life. Heal the trauma, deal with the rejection, the abandonment, the disappointment or whatever it is from your childhood, and replace that, I believe, with the TRUTH of God’s word, the TRUTH of God’s love for you, with the FORGIVENESS of others and yourself, and the pieces begin to fall into place. Then attaining a healthier LIFE in general, and a happier, more peaceful life starts to emerge from the ashes. You simply have to LOVE YOURSELF HEALTHIER, or thinner, or more successful.

I have only recently begun to learn this myself. I maintained my weight with just the first two items I spoke about at the beginning of this article for a about five years: Putting good stuff IN, and keeping bad stuff OUT. Then a recent heart break hit me out of left field and for the first time in my life, my heart was so broken I began to LOSE weight. That has been a first. The anxiety attacks that rocked me after this recent heart break is what DROVE me to find relief, to find healing, and that’s how I began to learn more about this whole heart issue and how it’s tied to EVERYTHING.

Guess what? If you’re overweight, it has a lot to do with what you’re eating, but even more so, it has to do with the state of your heart. You may just be self-medicating.

If you’re broke, you need to learn a few basic financial principles, but even more so, it has to do with the state of your heart.

Keep making bad choices in boyfriends and husbands? It has a lot to do with the state of your heart and what you believe about yourself and your worth.

I call this a “broken spiritual GPS”. You keep doing what you think is the right things, you’re following the map you’ve got, but there’s something wrong with that map and although you are making all the turns that appear to be correct, you’re still ending up at the painful destination. Overweight, broken hearted, and / or possibly addicted or broke. Remember, you can be addicted to sugar as easily as cocaine or heroine. You can be addicted to the praise of man!

So, I really planned for this article to be more about nutrition. I guess I will start another post about that. It IS a very important subject. So let’s go there next!

May 8, 2015

Wanna Be Home With Your Kids AND Save The World?

by healthybydesignblog

I’m a single mom. I certainly didn’t expect to be. It’s hard sometimes, a lot of the time really. I’m still figuring things out, but about two years ago I made a huge leap of faith in regards to my career. I shut down my small home-based advertising agency and web-design company to literally save the world, or as many people as I could anyway. As many as who would listen.

I need to provide a little background. My daughter is now 13, but at age 5 she was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). The most urgent aspect of this was her blood sugar, she was pre-diabetic. Picture this, at that time I was about 250 lbs, addicted to Mt. Dew, stubborn as heck, and my body was racked with both Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had just gone through a house fire and a traumatic marriage which ended in divorce. I had little hope, few resources, and was just surviving emotionally from one day to the next. I hope you have never been there, or somewhere similar, but perhaps you have.

Shortly thereafter, more bad news. My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons, my mother with a blood disorder, and my younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41. I’m not one to always follow the rules in the first place, and after seeing my grandfather suffer through traditional cancer treatment, I was actively reading, researching and asking questions about NATURAL ways to help the people I loved. I learned that NUTRITION could not only PREVENT much of what my family was going through, but could possibly stop the progression of some of their symptoms, and even possibly REVERSE some of it. I was so excited!!!!

This is really where the Lord stepped in. As a single mom, I was working terribly long hours with my advertising biz, and was always feeling guilty for not having more time to spend with my daughter, even though we were homeshooling. It was fun when I started, but then the housing market crashed, it really impacted my business, and mommy wasn’t so much fun anymore. She was wiggin’ out! SO, I was considering a part-time job or in-home biz to add to my already crazy schedule. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see myself as a salesperson. I hated even selling Girl Scout cookies as a kid. The idea of running up and down the road begging friends to buy stuff they may not even need in the first place just didn’t appeal to me. However, my cousin Teresa had told me about Shaklee vitamins when I was in my 20’s, and I never paid her any mind. After all, I wasn’t gonna ever get old or sick, right? Fast forward into my 40’s, I’m getting old and I’m definitely sick, and so is everyone I care about. For the first time, I was ready to listen about nutrition and this Shaklee company she told me about.

Turns out, the founder, Dr. Forrest Shaklee, invented the very first multi-vitamin and he was a pretty incredible guy. Turns out, they have a zero tolerance for contamination in their products with higher standards than the FDA, AND they were environmentally proactive before being “green” was cool. I have heard all kinds of testimonies from regular folks just like you and me. One day everything in life was okay, the next day, either they – or someone they loved – got a scary diagnosis and their universe was rocked. Their lives or the lives of someone they loved was spared or improved by this company and their science. This is something I am excited about and can’t help but share with friends and neighbors, and you. This company loves fostering healthy happy homes, where moms can raise their own kids and make a salary replacement income while working part-time from home.

SO, if you are one of those, who like me, want to save the world, even if sometimes it doesn’t want to be saved, AND you’d really like to be home more with your kids, I suggest you consider Shaklee. I am more in love with the MISSION of this company than when I started four years ago. AND, I have lost 60 lbs, no longer need ANY pain meds for my arthritis – in fact, I don’t even consider myself to have it any longer! I am still trying to help my family, and my neighbors, and my friends, and again, anyone who will listen. I have awesome stories to share that are forthcoming. I hope you will be as inspired as I have been!