Horse Whisperer

by healthybydesignblog


Have you seen the movie, “The Horse Whisperer?” There is a scene where a traumatized horse is tied with rope, little by little, and then forced to the ground by Robert Redford his trainer. To the naked eye, and to animal lovers, I’m sure at first glance this seems cruel. However, the result of this experiment, (in the movie anyway) because the trainer is KIND to the horse when it is in it’s most vulnerable state, is that the horse learns that it can trust this owner, and the healing begins. I am that horse, and God is that loving, kind, and patient trainer. I have tried to do everything in my own way, in my own understanding and by my own power. It resulted in a train wreck and I was traumatized. The enemy exploited my trust in my own strength and understanding to try to destroy me. When I finally had no other choice but to submit to God even when I didn’t understand the process, He proved to be kind, gentle and patient. I hope you will surrender to whatever process the Lord has you in today as well. He is the lover of your soul. He can be trusted. #heisgood #heisforyou


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