“It’s All Right.”

by healthybydesignblog

Couldn’t sleep tonight, and just opened my Bible kinda randomly. I began reading and the first words I saw was, “It’s all right.” This was a mother’s response, called the Shunamite, to her son’s death. But that’s not the end! In 2nd Kings Chapter 4, beginning with verse 8, we begin reading this woman’s story, she had been kind to the prophet Elisha, so he wanted to bless her, and his servant suggested that he pray for her to have a son, as she was childless. So that’s exactly what happened. However, one day the boy was in the field with his father and complained that his head hurt, so a servant carried him to his mother. She held him in her lap, and there he died.

What would I have done? Freaked completely out, maybe passed out, stopped breathing myself from grief and shock??? What did she do? She asked her husband to have a servant prepare a donkey for her to go see the man of God. He said why, it’s not Sunday? She said, “It’s alright.” This is not to say that the woman was not in great distress, but she still had hope, and did not agree with the facts, the circumstances, what she could see with her eyes.

As she got closer to where the prophet was, he recognized her from a distance and sent his servant ahead to ask if everything was alright at home. She answered his servant, “Everything is all right.” When she came before Elisha however, she got down on her knees, grabbed his feet, and said, “Did I ask you for a son? Didn’t I tell you not to get my hopes up?” (paraphrased)

The story ends with Elisha going to her home to find her son dead. He prayed, and then laid on top of the boy twice, the boy sneezed and woke up and was restored to his mother. I have learned a lot recently about agreeing with the Lord’s report and not the enemy’s. I am thinking had the woman reacted to what she knew to be fact, and gave into her feelings, perhaps she would not have gotten this miracle, because she would have already have agreed with the world’s report, with the evidence that presented itself.

A preacher I know of, Andrew Womack raised his own son from the dead in very similar circumstances. His younger son called him to tell him his oldest son was dead, and had been dead several hours. They had a long drive to where his son’s body lay in a morgue. But he never gave into his grief, never agreed with his son’s report, and when he got to the morgue, he raised his son from the dead. He’s raised others as well, but my point is how important it is to first shut our mouths when we get a diagnosis, or distressful news of any kind. Yes, you may be presented with FACTS, but hey, facts can change! In the presence of the Almighty God who loves you, who is FOR YOU, miracles can abound. But right now, TODAY, we need to decide whose report we will agree with, the God who loves us, or the enemy whose sole purpose is to kill, steal and destroy.

As is often the case, I am writing this for my own benefit, as well as for anyone else who may stumble along and find it. Your words have power. Agree with the God who is FOR YOU, who loves you, who knitted you together in your mother’s womb. The enemy’s favorite weapon is to convince you that the disaster that just fell in your lap was authored by God. He gets to do the crime and blame the Father, and way too often we buy this crap and AGREE WITH THE ENEMY OF OUR SOULS!!  We are under condemnation for this or that, and we think that’s God as well. If we ever understood, really truly, that God is good, and that he ADORES us, then we’d be like a royal prince, who when abducted by crooks, knows if he could just get word to his powerful, loving Father, that all would be well. That heaven and earth would be moved, all his Father’s resources put behind the effort to save him. He would need only rest and wait for him to come.

Christ bore IT ALL on the cross. Past, present & future. He knew there was nothing you could do, so he did it all. #heisforyou


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